J Love

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Who is J LOVE?

J. Love (Jeff Love)

Born in Harvey, IL. raised in Markham, IL. but now residing in the beautiful City of Aurora, IL- J. Love emerges as a prominent and strong voice in the genre of Rap and Life Music. His lyrics alongside his faith delivers power packed filled songs that inspire the mind, plus touches the heart & soul. J. Love writes all of his own lyrics.
He is 1/3 of the group “Conclave Download” & excels in graphic arts and photography. ( http://DieToLiveTees.com/ )
Currently, J. Love is doing shows in the mid west, promoting the “Conclave Download” title CD and his Mixtape, “On The Other Side”.

J. Love’s musical background is a blend of all genres, he loves diversity. Called to be a voice in the industry in 2012. Unsure at the time what to really do with what he heard. He began to pursue being a MC just to motivate others. But a year later he was led to join Conclave Download. In 2013, the group released there first album  (available in Itunes and every music is sold on the internet) and continues to move forward motivating the lives of those they come in contact with and around them.

“Feel me!”