“New Way You Can Earn Auto-Pilot Income With Your Beats Just By Getting  People To Listen To Them!...

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From The Studio of Angel Alfaro, Owner CEO of DreamBigBeats:

Dear fellow Producer,

Selling beats sucks sometimes right?...

I mean here you are, busting your butt promoting your beats everywhere...

Have your beats on every site... Soundclick, Soundcloud, Youtube...ALL of the top sites...

Hustling on every every social network site from dusk til dawn...

Yet...it just seems like rappers wont buy.

You might make a lease sell here and there...but never getting the consistent sales you desire...

Rappers say they will buy on Friday...

Friday comes...nothing...

You hit them up again, they say, "Aw man ran into some money problems, I'll cop them next week...

3 months later...NOTHING!!!

Yet...you see that same rapper posting pics of money and things they bought all over Facebook...

Doesn’t it just frustrate you!

Hi I'm Angel, owner of DreamBigBeats and I know this struggle all too well.

I've been selling beats online since 2009, and getting consistent sales has always been my biggest problem.

And lemme tell ya, it sucked putting in thousands of hours making beats...

...hundreds of hours promoting them...

...THOUSANDS of dollars struggling to advertise my beat site...

...just to hear time and time again from rappers,

“lemme get that beat for free...and I’ll put yo music out there”

Or worse,

“I don’t buy beats, producers usually just give um to me”

...then you hear that rappers music and it sound like trash...


At one point, I nearly quit selling beats to be honest with you.

But one day a last year, a burning question popped in my head:

“What if you could make money with your beats WITHOUT having to sell them...

Without having to try and convince rappers to buy...

Without breaking your back posting your beats on a thousand different websites...


Make Money By People Just Listening To Your Beats...

That would be awesome right?

Sounds too good to be true, I know right.

Well I have great news... I FINALLY found a way!

I actually stumbled upon this on accident, I did not realize what I did was going to actually make me some money.

One day I saw that I earned $5 and I was like oh cool I earned a little bit


To be honest, I didn't have much faith in the idea...

But I said screw it, I've got nothing to lose after failing so many times with other ideas in my beat business.

And guess what, it worked!

 Here are some of my results:


So far this method has made me an extra $120  (Thats not including all the sales

I've made from new artist contacting me to buy beats from me or make them beats ).

...and I just started it!

The best part?

Every month the money grows and grows...like a snowball rolling down a hill.

By the end of this year, my earnings are projected to be (**Over $1000 for just one of my beats) using this method

Why does The Method Work?

Because it piggybacks off one of the biggest websites in the world... siphoning traffic to your beats in a specific way that you get paid for the result!

So amped up with my own results, I showed the method to one of my fellow producers Jeff over at MainstreamBeats.com, and here's what he had to say:

"bro...this method is pure GOLD! Easy way that not just gets money off my beats...but the exposure my beats and brand are gonna get is crazy"

Jeff told me, “Bro, you’ve GOT to show other cats this...and you BETTER charge for it”

Jeff convinced me to charge at least $100 bucks for the method...

...or at least the amount of money I've made using the method, which is $120

But I felt different.

I know the struggle of trying to make money with an online beat business...

I know the frustrations of watching the top producers on sites like Soundclick make a killing...while the rest of us producers starve and get looked over

And here's where you come in...

I want to get this method in the hand of just a few other producers like you who have hot beats...

...but are struggling to get consistency in their beat business like I did.

I recorded a video breaking down the method step-by-step... so that you can literally duplicate the process.

Here's are some of the benefits..

-1,000's of plays on your beats

-Get new Artist contacting you

-Best part all FREE TRAFFIC

Here’s what this method is going to do for you in your beat business:

When I first started making money from this I knew I was on to something, I knew I had to share this

Information with other fellow Producers. Thats why I'm so glad you are hear reading this.

I believe this is going to open your eyes up to a whole new way of makin money with your beats 

and I also believe there will be a lot of you earning extra income that could potentially

earn you thousands over time! and you know what...

 I decided to not charge the (**$120) I’ve made using it...

...or even the $100 Jeff said I should charge.

Because I know you’re a grinding producer like myself, and $100 bucks might affect your promotion budget...

So all I ask is a small one time investment of  $7.00 

And look, this isnt some take your money and run nonsense.

I’m 100% reachable to help you implement the method...

You can reach me by email at (** angelalfaro@live.com **), or even my

personal Facebook (www.facebook.com/angelalfaro1404)

if you have any problems or concerns

9 times of of ten I’m always near my computer banging out a beat... or watching funny Youtube vids with my kids...

...so I’m here to respond if you need help.

I also want to give you a full gurantee, like I do any product I sell.

Here’s Your 100% Sastisfaction Gurantee:

Use the method, and if within the next 60 days you don't get the results you desired...shoot me an email or hit me on facebook and I'll refund every dime you spent.

Because I don't believe I deserve your money if you don't get the results

You're also protected by Paypal, so you have nothing to lose.

There is one lil catch to all of this, its this:

I can’t promise I’ll keep this offer up for long...

Because as much as I want every producer to have it...if too many use the method...

...it will get saturated and won’t be as effective.

Just like when selling Premium Leases took off, remember that?

You could make money hand-over-fist...until every producer started doing and it was no longer effective.

So I will probably limit the copies to  20 

So click the AddTo Cart button below...

Follow me step-by-step...

And start getting paid auto-pilot, every month using this method before every other producer finds out about this!

Once your payment is processed, you’ll be directed straight to the thank you page where the video is waiting for you.

Here’s what that page looks like:

So you have 2 options from here:

Option 1: Do nothing. If you don't feel this is right for you, thats ok. But don’t get mad or feel surprised when you find other producers are making thousands a month using this method and its too late

Option 2: Get this method and start getting paid! Be a savy “early-adopter” and get in and setup your own automatic beat cash stream now...and a year from now laugh at everyone who didn’t get in.

Its your choice fam!

Just imagine this waking up and seeing money in your bank account from your beats... and you didn’t even have to sell them!

Your beats out there...and not only making you money, but getting played by thousands of people...blowing your brand and your name up...getting you closer to becoming one of those “house-hold” producer’s everyone knows...

It’s all possible... and this method is the easiest way I know to get you there!

So click the Button below, and I’ll see you on the inside

To Your Success,

Angel Alfaro


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