Juicy J type beat 2014 – Life or Death – Mp3

Juicy J type beat 2014

Juicy J type beat 2014

Hey what up everyone thank you for coming to check out this Juicy J type beat 2014 – Life or Death – Mp3! I named the beat that because that was the feeling i got when i was making the beat, it gave me that feeling of we live in this crazy world and we need to choose what type of life we want to live. I will always be posting my new beats in my beat blog for all you rappers out there and also producers to check out my beats! From time to time i will be posting free beats for you rappers to download so stay tuned for my next blog posts!

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Todays beat i have for you is a “Juicy J type beat” I always love these type of beats he raps over and i wanted to make my own beat. Here is my youtube video to the beat i made and if you can suscribe to my youtube channel i have videos with beats and also marketing videos. I can make all styles of beats so if you have a certain type of beat you want to hear, leave me a comment below and ill see what i can do!

juicy-j-stay-trippy Juicy J type beat 2014 are very popular and i know all of you who are here like his style and want a beat that sounds like it, so thats why i decided to make this style of beat, its pretty easy it fits my style of beats so i can make these Juicy J type beats no problem. If you want a custom beat like this from me for your next mixtape or album leave a comment below, text me at 616-990-4198 or email me at angelalfaro@live.com

Enough talking by me! Here is the Full beat to check out.