exclusive beats

Angel Alfaro aka Dreambigbeats has been produceing/making beats since 1999. Dreambigbeats loved music since he was little and remembers playing on the piano always trying to figure out melodies of songs he heard. That love for music never went away, when he was 17 back in 1999 he asked a rapper where he got his music from and he told him that he made his own beats and rapped over them. His mind was blown and asked him how can he make is own music/beats and his love for making beats grew from that point on.

It was a hobby for years and Dreambigbeats never knew anything about how to even put beats together, over the years he taught himself everything and didnt get serious about till 2010 when he started dreambigbeats.com and at the sametime began to learn how to market his music. Dreambigbeats has been working fulltime on his music ever since then and in 2015 Dreambigbeats started www.liveoffrap.com to help many artist with there music career.